What makes great wedding photography?

  • Excellent wedding photos result from the chemistry between the photographers and the clients. We believe the main focus of your day is you, so we strive to be active and close throughout your day, yet out of the way. That means we will sometimes direct you or your guests to achieve specific shots, but often the best pictures result from moments when everyone is relaxed, having fun, and celebrating you, and not worried about what our cameras are doing!

Do we need two photographers?

  • Because there are two of us, Tonya can meet the ladies at the salon where hair and make-up are done, or at home where the bride slips into her dress. Tom can join the men at the golf course, the brewery, the shooting range, or wherever they get together before they get their pants ironed, and ties straightened.
  • During the ceremony, one of us is positioned to photograph your guests--grandma wiping away a tear, for instance--while the other focuses on the couple, ready to capture that all important moment when the deal is sealed-- the kiss!
  • Tom excels at the formals and must-have moments, while Tonya often gets candid photos of couples or groups at the reception. Both of us are experienced first photographers (not a photographer and an assistant), so all your images will be high quality, memorable, and unique!

What can we expect or need to plan for day-of?

  • We want to help your day run as smoothly as possible, so we will meet beforehand to discuss the details of your event. We will send you a checklist to help you consider what formal, posed portrait groupings or creative requests (like a first-look) are important to you. Making sure guests know when and where they should be for the formal portraits helps us get through them as quickly as possible so everyone can get back to celebrating!

How soon will the photos be available after the wedding?

  • We know you and your guests are eager to see the photos, so we share a preview gallery containing 25-30 of our top picks on Facebook usually within 2-5 days of your wedding.
  • A full password-protected proofing gallery containing 250-600 photos (depending on the length of booking) is available on our client server within 8-10 weeks of your wedding, and usually a lot sooner. Once we have your approval, we open the gallery to the public and mail you a DVD with both high-resolution images perfect for printing, and screen-resolution images for sharing online. The images are licensed to you so you can print wherever, whenever, and in whatever quantity!

Do you edit the images?

  • All of the images presented in the proofing gallery must meet our standard of approval. We know you want to look your best on your wedding day so we bring 18 years of Photoshop experience to bear on perfecting your pictures. See something you would like changed? We’ll do it!

We’d like some images in black & white and/or sepia. Do we have to pay extra?

  • Nope! We routinely apply creative color treatments to photos.

Can our guests take pictures too?

  • Unplugged weddings are a growing trend these days, but we have no objection to your guests using their smartphones or even professional cameras. We only ask that no other professional flash equipment or light modifiers be employed.

I see the Elizabeth package includes a photobooth. What's that all about?

  • A photobooth is a fun, easy way for guests to feel involved in your wedding day and our photobooth is like nothing you will find anywhere else! We provide a 10x10 white market tent (with walls and a roof), a trunk of fun and goofy props to inspire creativity and hilarity, and an easy to use system that provides a countdown, takes 3 photos, and shows a preview of the resulting images. A gallery of images from the photobooth is available within 24 hours!

How do we reserve our date?

  • Our calendar fills up fast, so you'll want to reserve your date as soon as possible. A nonrefundable retainer fee of $450 secures the date of your wedding and guarantees that we will turn away all other requests for that date. The balance of the complete package price must be paid at least 24 hours prior to the event.